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This magazine is like my emergency fire extinguisher. It helps me put out all those stressful “fires” in my life. I love it and won’t be without it. Keep up the good work!

Margaret H., Houston, Texas

Love it! Love it! Love it!  Each issue is like having 25 self help books, on the hottest subjects, delivered right to my fingertips. And its like you've already edited out the boring parts and given me just the "meat" of what I want to know!  

 Mimi N., Hawthorne, California

I was thrilled to find Going Bonkers. Your articles are easy to read and it seems that with every page, I find something that I totally need!  Thanks!

Cindy M., Indianapolis, Indiana

Finally, a magazine with straight talk! And with no paid advertisements…...
I can’t expect much better than this!

Judith I. , West Hampton, NY

I’m surprised. I was expecting an interesting magazine, but every article in each issue is absolutely GREAT.  Can’t wait for future issues……..Even if they are half as good, I’ll be thrilled.

Claire S. , Northville, Michigan

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