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Frequently Asked Questions



What is Going Bonkers Magazine?

Going Bonkers is a
self-help magazine with a sense of humor! -- The only self-help, self-improvement magazine that is educational, entertaining and motivational!  

Is Going Bonkers available in print?

Yes! For those readers who love the feel of paper, individual copies (not a subscription) of Going Bonkers is available in full color print. 
Ordering a printed copy is managed by Magcloud, and our magazines can be found on their website at www.goingbonkers.magcloud.com

How does this "subscription" work. What will I get?

Easy! You'll get every issue that Going Bonkers has published, and will publish, for 4 (four) years from the date of your subscription, including all our regular "Going Bonkers" issues, all "Bonkers About Business" issues, all "Bonkers Bits" issues, and all special issues, including our popular "diet" issue. 

This means for the next four years, all you'll pay is a one time subscription of $39.95 and you'll have access to all back issues, all current issues, and all new issues that will be published within the next four years.

Currently, that means a minimum of 27 issues of Going Bonkers; 18 Bonkers About Business; 48 Bonkers Bits; and special issues.

Read them online, or download them to your computer, or open them from your ipad, smart phone or tablet for reading on the go. 

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What if I want other digital options, like Kindle, Sony or Nook, for my E-reader, or my iPhone/iPad?

Our copies can be opened on any tablet (ipad or windows based) or phone, or computer screen.  They are formatted to automatically fit any size screen, including your smart phone.

However, if you want to read on your kindle or nook, you have two options.  You can purchase the subscription from us, and then email them to your device.  Or, individual Kindle versions are available from www.amazon.com; and individual Nook versions are available from www.BN.com.

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What type of content will I find in Going Bonkers Magazine?

You’ll find all meat and no bones!  Each issue is packed full of valuable, real-life solutions to the problems we face every day -- offering information, motivation, inspirations in the areas of self-help, self-improvement, relationships, and family. Also, our articles are timeless, so you’ll want to read them now, and re-read them years from now!  Going Bonkers is a self-help magazine -- all about learning to manage and overcome all the sources of stress in your life.

Articles are written by doctors, psychologists, therapists, and best-selling authors in an easy-to-read and fun style.

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How much is a subscription to Going Bonkers Magazine?

You get it all -- All back issues. All current Issues. All future Issues for four years -- for one low price of $39.95.  Yes, it's true!

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Can I purchase just a single current issue or a back issue?

You don't have to worry about purchasing individual issues -- you'll have them all!

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What is "enhanced PDF format?"

Enhanced Digital Format (PDF Enhanced) makes interacting with our magazine easy, productive and FUN!  It's a special format that will allow you to:

• add your thoughts and comments to a digital sticky note on any page;
• highlight the parts you want to remember with a digital yellow marker;
• highlight any section you choose, and have your computer read it out loud to you;
• print any page, article or the entire issue;
• email an article and share with a friend;
• copy and paste any portion into a word document;
• transfer a copy to your laptop and take it with you on the go;
• bookmark a page and come back to it later;
• quickly scroll forward or backward through pages;
• zoom in or out for easy viewing without reading glasses;
• view it in full color;
• search the entire magazine for keywords;

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Can I read a sample first?

Yes, click on the side bar link "Sample Issue"

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How can I subscribe?

Click on the side button "subscribe."

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I want to give a gift subscription. How does that work?

Yes, in the order process, be sure to check, "gift" and put the recipients email, instead of yours, on the order, so that a notice can be sent to them directly.

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What else do you publish?

Along with our own popular self-help magazine, titled "Going Bonkers?" we also publish:

"Bonkers About Business," a business edition;
"Bonkers Bits," our newsletter;
"Special Editions", on various subjects like dieting and raising kids, etc.

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What is the Going Bonkers "Business Edition"?

The same Going Bonkers style and humor that you love - now comes designed especially for our readers with an interest in BUSINESS.  Packed with articles and information that will help you and your business thrive! 

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What is Bonkers Bits?

Bonker Bits is a newsletter with the same style and humor as our regular Going Bonkers Magazine. Each issue is packed with short bits of information that will keep you laughing and learning!  This fun and feisty newsletter is offers short little reads to motivate and inspire.

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What are Special Editions?

Going Bonkers publishes Special Editions on a variety of Issues, where the focus is on primarily one issue.  For instance, "Bonkers About Dieting" focuses on helping you lose weight through information, inspiration and motivation.

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When will I receive my order?

Your digital issue will be processed by paypal immediately and you will be directed to a page where you will see all the issues in our library.  Book mark this page, and visit back often.  You can also download any issue directly to your computer or tablet (e.g. Ipad). 

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How will I know that you received my order?

We use the paypal credit card processing system, so you will immediately receive a confirmation at the email address that you listed in your order. 

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How can I report my Change of Address?

To change the address or email of a subscription, send Your NAME and the OLD email address and the NEW email address to help@GBonkers.com

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How do I submit an Article to Going Bonkers Magazine?

You may send your article to help@GBonkers.com.  We accept articles on any self-help subject from 500 - 3000 words.  Be sure to include your bio as you wish it to appear.

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