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 Letters To The Editor

I just wanted to tell you guys that you do a great service by publishing this magazine.  I won’t be without it. I love being able to read it on my computer at work, without looking like I’m relaxing reading a magazine!  There is so much great information in each issue that I like to savor it slowly and let it digest! -- Sirena T., Douglassville,  PA

"I love the magazine. Keep up the fine work. -- Cathy P., Tempe, AZ

I am a huge fan of Going Bonkers!  I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the high quality product that you put out in your magazine. --Jody R., DeLand, FL


Thank-you very much for creating such an informative magazine. I appreciate the straight-forward, yet sensitive approach in the articles. And of course,  I always delight in the cartoons and the illustrations; they are great!  --MaryJo D., Glastonbury, CT

Thanks for putting out such a great publication. I really enjoy getting it and wish it came out more often, but they say the good things in life are worth waiting for. -- Joe K. , Waterford, PA

This is the first time I have ever been moved to write to a magazine. Going Bonkers is a gem! It made me laugh and really taught me a lot! I can't wait for my next issue.
Marie C., Richmond, Kentucky
 ~~~~~~~~        ~~~~

When I read your article, "I Hate you, Don't Leave me" it was like suddenly the lights came on. For the first time in 20 years, I understand what is happening in my life and I understand the CAUSE of my spouses' behavior. Bless you for shining light into my world. It’s liberating!  Name withheld, Burlington, Vermont
~~~~~~~        ~~~~~

Fabulous magazine!  I saved different articles on my computer and sent them to family and friends. As a licensed therapist, I applaud you for finding a creative way to present mental health issues in an easy-to-understand and enjoyable format.  Ellen B., Tampa, Florida
~~~~~~        ~~~~~~

Love the lady on the cover! [Winter 2007 Issue] I can totally relate to her (ha-ha) and the articles.  Jill M., Round Rock, Texas
~~~~~~~        ~~~~~

I love  the magazine.  The articles are great, and I've used several of them as material for self-improvement classes I teach.  Michael S., Glendale, California
~~~~~~~        ~~~~~

The "Rules for Fighting Fair" was short and simple yet made so much sense. It takes practice, but already my husband and I are communicating better and feel more respected -- and that feels great. I taped a copy to our bathroom mirrors and have given copies to my sisters and co-workers.  Debra S., Deerfield, Illinois
~~~~~~~        ~~~~~

I totally related to the “Vampires at Work” article, and instantly recognized my boss as one of the "vampire" types. I just wanted to report that the techniques presented in that article have actually worked! Thanks! Laura M., Ogden, Utah
~~~~~~~       ~~~~~

The 60-Second Self mini-articles are my favorite. I feel like in ONE minute I'm learning something and improving my life, which is great because I'm very busy. I'd like to see more of those.  Margaret W., Rochester Hills, NY
~~~~~~~       ~~~~~

Going Bonkers is a refreshingly entertaining and informative magazine.  I was totally engrossed in reading it on my ipad at the doctors office until my daughter made me realize that I was laughing out loud.  I rushed home to subscribe.  Any magazine that promotes laughter and learning is worth a subscription. Thank you for a great magazine.  Louise C., Irvine, CA
~~~~       ~~~~~~~~

 I found your magazine, and couldn’t subscribe fast enough.  I love it – it’s filled with humor, but also with a lot of very good information. I just wanted to say “thanks!” Janice A., Richmond, VA
~~~~~       ~~~~~~~

Both my husband and I love it! I love the “life is funny”, and all of your articles. I tell everyone I run into about it! It is my favorite magazine to read now! Kim G., Owasso, OK
~~~~~~       ~~~~~~

I am so happy with your magazine. I originally read about you on Ask Earth, and I just wanted you to know that it’s great.  -Larry B., Harvard, MA
~~~~~~~       ~~~~~

I love both the regular edition and your business edition. As a single dad with a teenager, it’s helped me understand a lot of issues. How about a self-help edition especially for my teenager daughter and the issues she faces? Robert Y., Nyack, NY
~~~~~~~       ~~~~~

I bought your magazine and had to laugh when I saw the guy with his cheeks hanging out on your cover. [Spring 2007] It’s good to know that some people still have a sense of humor.  I found the articles to be relevant, and very well written.  Susan F., San Antonio, TX
~~~~~       ~~~~~~~

I especially found the articles “I don’t have to make everything all better”, and “The Disease to Please” [Spring 2007] very helpful.  Both described me perfectly, and gave me good insight into why I am constantly trying to fix other peoples problems.  Thank you for addressing this, because I now feel, in a strange way, relieved. Even though I recognize I have a problem, I now understand it, and am on the road to recovery. Bless you for the healing that your magazine provides. -Name withheld by request, Wisconsin

~~~~~~~       ~

I read the book the secret, and enjoyed it, but I have to say, that it wasn’t until I read your “no-hype” article on the Law of Attraction, [Spring 2007] that I fully understood how the Law really works. Also, I am impressed with how many solid, no-fluff, articles are in each issue. Keep up the good work.  Taylor B., Columbus, OH
~~~~~~       ~~~~~~

I just received my order.   I never knew there was such a magazine like this.  I LOVE IT.  I made myself a large café latte, found two yummy cookies, and started reading.  I expected to find one or two things that I could use, but it seems everything related to me!  It’s awesome. --Norma L., Yankton, SD

~~~~~~       ~~

Hands down, THE best magazine in existence today! New York, NY
~~~~~~~       ~~~~~

This is quite a magazine.  Where in the world can you sit in your own living room, reading any magazine, and gain such depth of understanding?  I am a family counselor and am making this “required reading” for my patients!   Thank you and keep up the good work!  --Deon G., Camillus, NY
~~~~~       ~~~~~~~

The Fall 2007 issue is great.  I particularly like the article “The Kids Are Not OK, by Dr. Newman.  We all face situations like this, but no one wants to talk about it, and because it’s regarding our kids, it’s a touchy subject.  This article helped me look at things from a different perspective.  Your help in all the articles really hits home for us real people, living in the real world.  The world would be better place if everyone  would read and learn from your magazine. --Cheryl Y., Perrysburg, OH
~~~~~~       ~~

My daughter-in-law just thanked me for receiving the gift subscription to Going Bonkers. Likewise, I want to share her thank you, along with my personal thank you, for the nice gift card, the seamless transaction and impressive timing of delivery. Jean J., Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
~~~~~~~       ~~~~~

This summer I spent seven days on a cruise and they held personal growth classes, and the activities director was using articles from a GB magazine!.  I just knew I had to subscribe.  Thanks again for an incredible resource. Pretty amazing work by all!!!   --Karin U., Seaford, East Sussex, United Kingdom
~~~~~~       ~~~~~~

Want to congratulate you on an excellent issue!  I always enjoy the articles, but I am especially impressed with the great article on “Goodbye Guilt”, as it gave real solutions. Thanks for a terrific and timely magazine.  --Pamela W., Mount Gilead, NC

Editors Note: We have received thousands of letters. While we cannot print them all, your words of encouragement and praise have all been read, and are cherished by the Going Bonkers staff.  Thank YOU!  We welcome all letters and comments.